Oct 27

Picopad7 AXIOO upgrade steps for beginners:              


Because there seems to be a bug in the firmware that can lead to no drive capacity(0 capacity)and also locked playstore So I have tried the following upgrade steps and succeed.

WARNING:            DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!

-download cwm  http://www.mediaf*re..com/?c97gm971zvbb8z7
-download livesuite di http://www.mediaf*re..com/?c5c3y4dea45v85o
-download SCRIPTS ver 5b di http://www.mediaf*re..com/?ro9jikqsqdx3i2o
-download ROM part 1 di http://www.mediaf*re..com/?rns0q2ph6d6mxk6
-download ROM part 2 di http://www.mediaf*re.0com/?p4jnm8tjsgpuc6x

1.Install superuser of playstore when you've managed to open and update the binaries until the success of binary su tab in the preferences
(press the menu button on the application superuser)

Extract livesuite these are needed by picopad when seacrh driver

Install CWM
- Recovery 5 CWM extract the downloaded earlier ICS.zip
- Enable USB Debugging agan (settings> development option> turn on USB debugging)
- Settings> display> select never sleep
- Plug your Picopad to the computer, when asked for drivers point to the folder livesuite earlier.
- Install CWM-recovery by clicking install.bat and follow all the required wait until the end.
- Finally Picopad now have a CWM

.Backup ROM by the way: turn off Picopad until it completely dead, then press the vol-and power, wait until new light is released. So now you've been in CWM, and do the backup to complete. Then reboot the system.

5. Flashing New ROM
Extract rom-4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314 that you downloaded earlier.
- Extract LiveSuite x64.zip 1:07 x86
- Open the folder and then install LiveSuitPack100_ex.exe livesuite shortcut will appear on the desktop.
- It's time to start a upgrade done with caution and careful!
- Open livesuite ... would appear welcome to LIveSuite blah blah blah .. click yes when it comes up please unplug blabla bla just click next ... Whether to select the image file? just click yes ... then appear the option to search for rom image, choose a rom that already downloaded and extracted earlier. Finish
-Press any key other than power do not disconnect while plugged the usb cable to picopad .. then press the power button over and over again (up to 10X) until the computer detects new hardware, and when asked driver then navigate to the folder livesuite earlier. If a question just click yes and yes. Flashing process should now run and wait for it to finish.

6. Install scripts ver 5b
Extract eyeoncomputers_script_ver5b_ics4.0.3.zip and open it. Notice in the app folder, there are applications that will be installed when there fullmarket.bat execute. Then dispose of the application which is not required agan.
- Step flashing like a point charge - Settings> display> select 30min
-Click fullmarket.bat
-If there option install the app, the choice is up to you(i prefer yes). If yes then there apk in the app folder which will all be installed. Yes .. a long wait to know at this stage
-If there is an option to turn off the radio .. please choose yes if they are not using picopad modem,
-Success is powerful .. picopad, playstore already open.

7.Enjoy ur new custom ROM :)

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